Reality driven by desire

Once upon a time, in the City of Lights, there was an amazing Issey Miyake Show at the Grand Palais. It started with a performance where illusions turned into reality or reality turned into an illusion. But in the times of Fashion Week, reality doesn't play any role. Days, hours and shows transform into one whole fashion feast. In fact, fashion has nothing to do with reality. But here comes the question: What is reality actually? Karl Lagerfeld said in an interview with Hamish Bowles: "I like the vision, the idea of reality, but I don't want to know too much about it". Me, I like the idea of fashion being reality.. 
To gather those ideas, I went to Costes in the afternoon before flowing in the evening to a real Hexa by Kuho Show inspired by the conflicting emotions of love. 
Emotions - the engine of a life driven by an inner desire. And desire is the force one should trust and respect and follow.. 


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