Volcano of Passion

Last week was full of emotions and inspirations. First the culturally sophisticated Warlikowski play at the Chaillot Theater: "African Tales by Shakespeare", followed by the Debussy exhibition at the Musée de l'Orangerie which pointed at the dialog between different forms of art, than the new movie about the life in Versailles when the French Revolution escalated in which Diane Kruger incarnated Marie Antoinette perfectly. Nevertheless, too much is never enough, so I attended moreover the ceremony at UNESCO organized for celebrating the International Theater Day where John Malkovich gave an interesting speech. 
But what escalated today was my love for fashion.. I had an amazing photo shooting of the dress that I designed. It is an extravagant knee-length leather piece of art. My art. 
Teatime at Ritz afterwards was just the high point of all these incredible, unforgettable and delightful moments.. 


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