The City of Angels

Paris is an unexhausted source of inspiration. Every day is different and you never know what is awaiting you.. This is the reason for it's magic. It is a constant surprise, so let it be..
I was very happy to assist at the "Angels in the city" (fr. Des Anges dans la ville) book signature of Jean Charles de Castelbajac on friday, but even more to pass that evening at VIP Room and l'ARC afterwards. In the end, l'ARC is the only place to be in Paris. It is a sophisticated and elegant place, a perfect mixture of modernity with classic items. The décor is very tasteful and every detail has a reason. Nevertheless, it is the ambience that makes l'ARC unique. The music is a dream makes you flowing into another world, the service is excellent and being surrounded by the beautiful people of Paris makes this place unavoidable in order to pass a wonderful time. It isn't only the best restaurant and the best club in Paris, l'ARC is a legend. There is just one question remaining unanswered: Is l'ARC - Paris or is Paris - l'ARC..?


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