I found something special at the Wrocław's airport yesterday which by the way is the most impressive airport I ever saw: the book ,,Chopin - Prince of the Romantics" written by the Polish count Adam Zamoyski who was born in New York City but has spent most of his life in England. According to the Financial Times, the book is: ,,Valuable... Zamoyski captures the flavor of musical life in 1830s Paris". Exactly what I was searching for. Other press critics called it terrific and splendid and what I have read yet allows me to confirm those opinions. So much great man and woman come from Poland. It is such a great country that fosters it's traditions while having a rich and turbulent history. I needed to leave Poland in order to make this observation, but one always needs distance to see things clearer. 
After all, you can change where you are, but you cannot change who you are..


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