Dirty Money

France and Monaco are the only places where the perfect savoir-vivre is flourishing in a natural obviousness. Those places have an innate sense for elegance with an inartificial love for details. A love that needs no accountability, that needs no explanation. And Paris. Paris is the cradle of all the class that transforms life into a tale, that makes life flowing like a dream. I am travelling between Germany and Austria at the moment and I went to Liechtenstein yesterday.. While my voyage, I was asking myself over and over again: what has happend to extravagance and is eccentricity actually legal in these countries? 
What I enjoyed nevertheless, was the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein in Vaduz. I was impressed by the cold interior and the exhibition of Günter Fruhtrunk called Paint Rhythm Existence. It was an overwhelimg feeling to step into this frigid space and watch his abstract, geometric and non-figurative paintings. Art needs space, so does my mind.. So relax and let your mind go.. Just like this..


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