The Esprit of Milan

I am officially in love with the Roberto Cavalli Spring/Summer 2013 Man. Very elegant, self confident, classic and chic. Very Cannes-like with brilliant elements, but with out this Bonjour, I am from Mars Burberry Prorsum - effect created by the electric trench coat colors. I loved above all the phthalo green suede jacket. A Just Perfect Cavalli Collection. I am a perfection lover because imperefction hurts so much.. Gucci was awesome as well. Prada and Jil Sander were very simple and simplicity was never the object of my desire, but there are at least two kinds of simplicity: this cold, quiet icy with strict cuts, thus absolutely acceptable and this simplicity that D&G presented. Why did they?
In this Men Fashion Fever, I was able to compose a very special Where is my jacht-outfit.. Result: fashion comes and fashion goes, only elegance and class is eternal. Milan has spoken, so it is time for Paris to come up on stage.
In the end, I wanna do it like we did it in Vegas..


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