Rolling in Boccaccio

''It's a Man's, Man's, Mans's world..'' sings James Brown, so the question arises: "Is it"? Even if this is a subject for polemicizing, june is undoubtedly a month dedicated to the Man's World.. The Men Fashion World. 
For the first time this season, London is getting an own Men Fashion Week and joins thereby the unrivaled fashion metropolises Paris and Milan
I'm "curiouser and curiouser" to see the outcome of London's fashion aura and Milan's elegant extravagance and above all the ritzy Paris fashion genius. It is a shame that there won't be a Hedi Slimane show for YSL, but at least the excitement of a show nouveau will flow to the Raf Simons Dior Show elaborated with Kris Van Assche's aid. Their own shows will be a highlight as well, so beautiful days are in sight.. 
While reading the novel  "Pharaoh" written by the Polish author Bolesław Prus, I was wondering about a show inspired by the following fragment: 
"Like every Egyptian, he had bare arms and legs, an open chest, sandals on his feet, a short skirt around his hips and in the front an apron with blue and white stripes (...) and he wore a panther leather across his shoulder." But this is another tale..


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