Jean Paul Gaultier

If ever Ancient Egypt and India and the XIX century, aristocratic Russia met in the XXII century with some British and Parisian dandies and dandizettes, the outcome would be like the Jean Paul Gaultier's Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2012/2013 Show. 
Once again, Jean Paul Gaultier overwhelmed the world with a tribute to Nonconformity and eccentricity. He redefined tuxedos and set new standards by playing with asymmetrical forms and by mixing a variety of materials. Jumpsuits for women are delightful, especially a gold one is splendid.
In this flood of inspirations, the track will be kept thanks to transparency: transparent fabrics for men and women are a visible statement. Moreover, this Haute Couture Show had as well very haute accents: the plateau high heels, but above all the playful added top hat gave the show a theatrical charm. 
It is good to see that creativity has no limits.


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