Ode to Paris

Photographed by Facehunter in Paris/ Jumpsuit designed by Joanna Wilk-Kalis

Enjoying a Chablis at Plaza Athénée, running into Ralph Lauren in the rue Sanit-Honorée, shopping at Chanel at 31, rue Cambon.. This is Just Paris. The "So Chic" fall edition published an article entitled "Why Paris will always remain the fashion capital of the world". I have so many reasons to give why Paris will always remain the capital of the world.. But I am in love with this city, so I might not be objective.
Anyway, only a few days in Paris and an avalanche of inspiration is triggered. As always. Paris has this magic attribute to transform every day into an unique experience which makes life so much more worth living. Sophistication is omnipresent which is fascinating if you love beauty. And like Kanye West stated "In Paris, every week is fashion week". So true. So adorable.
Special thanks to Yvan Rodic who by shooting this picture above, captured another amazing moment written by the City of Light.


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