Paris Coming Soon

In January, I went to Milan for the Men Fashion Week, so I did last Friday, but this time for the Women Prét-à-Porter, because watching the city filled with black limousines of Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana on almost every street, makes my heart dancing. And there are the other happinessess like the mandatory Italian Vogue purchase at my beloved Libreria Rizzoli/Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II or a coffee at the Emporio Armani Caffè or finding by accident an amazing restaurant in the Via Gesù after the Versace Show, even if it is Dolce&Gabbana that was my absolutely highlight this season in Milan.
For the weekend, I returned to the German Alps and I had a great haute cuisine lunch at Bergkristall on Sunday, which has a great terrace with an amzing view at the German and Austrian, currently wonderfully snow-covered, mountains. Of course, it is not as great as the Carlton's in St.Moritz, but it is really nice. Yesterday, I had an amazing horseback riding morning, something I cannot live without. In general, I prefer wearing animals than being surrounded by them, but horses are the excpetion. I love their pure elegance, pure beauty and the feeling of freedom that galloping is giving me. I went to the Neutrauchburg Castle afterwards, because too much elegance is never enough..
Today is a day of chill out and preparation for.. the voyage to Paris, Paris, Paris for the Fashion Week. What I really hope for, apart from extraordinary fashion highlights, is to find my Chanel Rouge Allure Passion No.14 which I was told to be withdrawn from the market. Luckily, I found another one at home, but if this is really true, my existence will be shaken. Honestly, how do you want to find a substitute for something that became a fixed structure of your personal DNA over the years? Exactly, there is any.
Anyway, I do not giving up hope, because it is not my style.. And what is yours?

Franca Sozzani in the black limousines-covered Milan


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