Dévastée Spring Summer 2014 Paris

Dévastée has found the perfect answer for what the young generation represents: on the one hand a casual style with an "I don't care"-attitude, but on the other hand a strong and rebellious character with an unmistakable and brave statement: No restraints.. 
Black and White was always an indeal incarnation of timeless elegance, a secret code for a sophisticated taste but the young designers Ophélie Klère and François Alary chose their own way of converting that motif into depressed fun.
I really admire them for opening their own fashion house, just after graduating Esmond in Paris and winning the contest in Hyères with their very first collection: "My suicide watches you''. Their second collection was called ''I would like my depression to be fashionable''. How clear is that?
This concept is really impressive. They spoke out taboos through fashion and what is fashion if not sending a message..? 
Personally, I love glamour, I cannot live without high heels, I love exquisiteness, but what I appreciate the most is the courage to individuality..

Special thanks to Bénédicte del Pozo for this images.

Fashion Souvenir: Dévastée Ready-to-Wear Fall/Winter 2012/2013 Paris

Paris Fashion Week 


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