A very Saint Yves

The new "Yves Saint Laurent" movie left me emotionally drunk. It was an explosive cocktail of emotions, love, desire, passion, fascination, devotion, beauty and fashion, fashion, fashion..
This movie is a must for all fashion victims and all other victims.. of a lifeless life..
Another must is reading Alicia Drake's "Beautiful People". Only this ensemble enables to understand the world of Yves Saint Laurent, Karl Lagerfeld, Jacques de Bascher, Thadée Klossowski or Loulou de la Falaise during the '80.. At that time Paris was undoubtedly absolutely fantastic to live. But when Paris wasn't so..? If you are part of the happy few of course..

My top quotes by "Beautiful People":

''It isn't the easy life that we want, it is just the life without problems."
"You had not to be rich or famous but you had to be beautiful."
"In fact, nobody of us was interested in reality."
"Be yourself, be individualist, express yourself,
 be free."
"We hated all that was normal, the real life."
"With Karl Lagerfeld, you had the permanent sensation that dreams are real."

Saint Laurent in Cannes, credit: M.Wilk

Just one question: Which misery?!

The only misery is all that is not beautiful..


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