LoVe VeVey

Of course the Hôtel Des Trois Couronnes is amazing..

It has a perfect terrace with a fantastic view over the Lake Geneva..

Yet in a world of absolutely excellence, the spirit of details is all that counts..

Here is where you find the most perfect perfection in Vevey.. The Grand Hôtel du Lac:
A Relais&Châteaux, a member of 
Swiss Deluxe Hotels..

Where the interior emanates an awesome combination of opulence, taste and harmony..

What amazed me the most was the fragrance which wafted through the corridors.. 

Flowers. And elegance. Omnispresent.

And then, there is this fairy-tale garden..

Which can be admired from La Véranda..
In this wonderful garden, a gentleman is sitting. Henryk Sienkiewicz. Polish novelist. One of the best who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1905. He emigrated to Switzerland and lived in the
Grand Hôtel du Lac
An absolutely perfect choice.

Quo vadis..?

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