Two Divas, Two Rivals.. In Bern

On 18 July I had the pleasure to listen to the two renowed sopranos, Simone Kermes and Vasselina Kasarova who recreated the rivalry between Cuzzoni and Bordoni in "Two Divas, Two Rivals" in the Saanen Church during the Menuhin Festival.. 
This rivalry issue came to my mind during my two days stay in Bern.. Where I entered through the doors of the two ***** divas.. 

And there can be and there is just one winner: 
The Bellevue Palace Bern
Without any second of hesitation..

What counts the most in a world of 
***** - Perfection is the spirit.. 
You cannot see it, but you feel it..


I have stayed at the Schweizerhof Bern..

which is a modern (reopened after renovation in April 2011) and comfortable place, 
with Paul Klee pieces of art and top facilities..

Moreover, God save Bvlgari.. 
The most hypnotising scent..
Already falled in love with it at the
Beau-Rivage Palace Lausanne 
and at the Schweizerhof Bern again..

However, too much grey and black is simply too much and too modern is simply too modern..
Luckily the room service plate was colourful..

A picture from the old days reminds in the Cigar Lounge of the past..
Obviously, I came to the Schweizerhof Bern about 100 years too late in order to feel the real spirit..

However, what I really enjoyed was 
the Spa and the 24h gym..
There is nothing like early morning work-out and by the way this morning Bern-overlooking view..

After solving the morning 
"What to wear: Valentino or Chanel"- dilemma, 
ready for breakfast..
P.S. The latter won..

at Jack's Brasserie.. Apparently a legend.. 
The breakfast for sure.. 

Ready for a city/shopping trip..

Goodbye Bern on the Sky Terrace of the Schweizerhof..



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