An era, a style, an attitude, glamorous parties, cutting edge, a sense of independence, insolence..

Words that describe the 60s, the legendary years where we would look around and see freedom taking over society's codes of conduct.

Fatima Lopes takes a step back in time for this SS 15 collection and rethinks this era to today's world..

The designer uses the 60's fashion codes, the mix of feminin-masculin wardrobe..

..the straight lines and graphics, and inspired by the dark and incredibly unique world of Bob Fosse..

..particulary his legendary musical comedy Sweet Charity, where the protagonists play with their looks with a sense of disillusion.

Effortless elegant and glamorous..

The Fatima Lopes woman is one that goes through time with enthusiasm and casual ease..

On a monday afternoon, you leave the crowded and sunny Champs-Elysées in order to enter the Lido..
People are sitting in loges, it's dark.. It's like passing from the present into the past.. And after a while lights go on, the curtain rises, music starts and here they come.. The models presenting the SS 2015 collection..
Looking powerful and fabulous..

Paris Fashion Week


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