Château de Ménars: A Love Affair

How deep is your love for..

beauty, elegance, art and details..? 

"The Château de Ménars built by Madame de Pompadour on the banks of the Loire (..) is one of the first in point of splendour in this kingdom.. you may conceive from its foundress..

.. who, as a favourite of a great king, had the means, and..

..joined to an exterior the most exquisite..

..that constitutional LOVE OF BEAUTY which produces taste and order.." 
Sir Joseph Jekyll, 1775

The Château de Ménars is a real dream emanating majesty into the Loire Valley, a real pearl of architecture and taste, a real incarnation of the beautiful life and its perfection. 

Madame de Pompadour created undoubtedly a masterpiece, however it is the merit of todays heros who invest their love and time to keep this dream alive..



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