I lobby it..

One day, two cities, three beautiful hotels..

First stop in Zurich: At the Dolder Grand of course..

The Dolder Grand was a love at first sight when I stayed there for the very first time last year.. The location is breathtaking like the hotel's architecture.. (see post: The Grand Dolder Dream http://jscwkworld.blogspot.ch/2014/04/the-grand-dolder-dream.html) 

After a cigarette on the wonderful Dolder terrace, it was time to go downtown.

Straight to Zurich's heart.. Baur au Lac..
The lobby was full of people, full of life and I was excited to see it after the brand new renovation. I really enjoyed what I saw..

It was almost tea time, when back on my way to Gstaad, I passed by Bern.. So I decided to spend a few moments at the Bellvue Palace..

After truly enchanting moments, I had a walk through the city.. Suddenly its' architecture reminded me of the Parisian Île Saint-Louis and just like that Bern won my sympathy..


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