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What can you expect from a place where walls are decorated with handmade wallpapers by Bradbury&Bradbury in California and secession tiles on the terrace come from a private museum in Belgium? Right... Only perfection is exactly what you can expect and what you get from the first moment you enter Pałac Ciekocinko Hotel Resort & Wellness.

This truly awesome and impressive Palace is a 5 stars paradise and hides less than 1 hour away from the Gdańsk Airport (even more less if you prefer a helicopter transfer). Surrounded by a fairytale park, you may choose your overnight between The Palace or The Carriage House; both emanate a different style, however in both you find an absolute perfection. Restored with an incredible attention to the detail, you feel at the Pałac Ciekocinko as the Roaring Twenties have never ended. In fact, #TheBelleEpoqueIsDefinitelyNow

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Not only the "Clarins" Spa may enchant you, but for all horse lovers and admires, the Ciekocinko Stables are a dream: historic stables, indoor and outdoor arenas, paddocks, fields and grasslands and above all facilities for equestrian competitions cause that the Ciekocinko Stables host the BALTICA EQUESTRIAN TOUR twice a year.

What about culinary at the Pałac Ciekocinko?
1906 Gourmet Restaurant, "Luneta&Lorneta" Bistro Club, Summer Terrace, Tea Room.. 
any other wishes?


Thanks to people like Tomasz Bałuk this world is definitely a better place.. 








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