White Turf 2017 #SpeedUp

St. Moritz is definitely absolutely fabulous..! And by absolutely, I mean absolutely..! Just two weeks ago, we had a fantastic Polo Weekend here (which by the way was the best weekend so far) and today, voilà, le Beau Monde came together again.. This time for the White Turf 2017.. For the first horse racing Sunday this year.. And what a Sunday..! Awesome sunshine, awesome ambience, awesome races, awesome emotions.. St. Moritz as usual..

At noon, I was super excited to watch the Grand Prix sponsored by the Partynice Racecourse in Wrocław City where I watched some horse-races this autumn already
 (check the post of 10th Oct. '16  @PARTYNICE #HorseAddicted).


It's a small world..

Certainly, watching a race on snow, moreover on a frozen lake is much more wild and dangerous.. 


So fast and so furious.. #LoveIt


And no matter what you do.. There is always one winner only..
So move forward, reach higher, get better and win..


See you next Sunday.. 
Same time. Same place. And everything different.

#TheBestIsYetToCome #Definitely 

St. Moritz



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