An oriental touch: @HotelBotanico

For my 30th birthday, I've got an one-week holiday to Tenerife. When it comes to the Spanish islands, I only knew Ibiza and Mallorca before (I deeply love the first, the second not at all). And over the last years I always went to Monaco or to the Côte d'Azur because these regions are simply the best and I love them. No other reasons needed. However, a gift is a gift and I always look for new adventures, so I packed my bags and escaped everything..

After one week of swimming in my hotel pool, sunbathing and going to the gym, walking around Puerto de la Cruz and exploring the capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife, I have finally found something I was all the time looking for:

 the Hotel Botanico & Oriental Spa Garden!

Thank God for the Five Star Hotels. Thank God for Leading Hotels of the World. Thank God for luxury and exclusivity. Thank God whoever he is.

 #CocktailsAtNoon Just the way I like it..
And just the way I love my @Maserati watch and my @RobertoCavalli ring..

A picture perfect world: #MyWorld #5StarAddiction #LuxuryAddicted #CannotLiveWithout
#CannotHelp #WhyShouldI 

 Tenerife is extremely simple. And "simple" is a word I don't like at all. I never did. Life is too short and too fabulous to live it simple. 
EXTRAVAGANCE is all we need! #WeOnlyLiveOnce #SoLetsDoItRight

After my cocktails, it was time for lunch. I decided to eat at the Palmera Real as I wanted to stay outside and enjoy the air. By the way, the service from the first step in was awesome. A very friendly and polite greeting from the bellboy. He immediately asked if he could do something for me. As well the restaurant hostess who showed me the way to the bar, without even asking brought me immediately an ashtray when I only mentioned I prefer to sit outside because I'm smoking. 
And then the waiters at the Palmera Real. Awesome. Extremely attentive, extremely friendly and I'm not only saying this because the Manager offered me a glass of wine.

All I'm saying is every 5 Star World is a Perfect World. And I have to admit Leading counts.
Finally I felt right. Thank you so much @hotelbotanico.

@HotelBotanico made my trip worth it.


and yet:

nothing compares to

 #MONACO #LoveOfMyLife

A must when you are in Tenerife:

Hotel Botanico & The Oriental Spa Garden

Avenida Richard J Yeoward 1
38400 Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Spain

Member of @LeadingHotelsOfTheWorld

P.S. WhereverYouGoTakeYourHermesBagWithYou


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