THE WESTIN PALACE MILAN #PerfectLuxuryOverdose

It's very hard not to fall in love with Milano, especially when you are a 

1) fashion addict, 
2) luxury addict,  
3) big city life addict,
4) party addict,
5) shopping addict, 
6) good life addict 

and above all a 
5 Star addict..

(May I introduce myself..?)

 On the 1st February I went to Milano with friends, stayed at the awesome Baglioni Hotel Carlton, two weeks later I just had to come back.. Call it a deep inner necessity.. 

And as tacky as it sounds, one night in Milano was my gift for myself for Valentine's..

But the place I stayed, not tacky at the all..

THE WESTIN PALACE - Just what I needed.. 

Luxury, luxury, luxury..

Isn't it perfect?

HighHeelsFirst followed by the most essential question: 
What the hell should I wear tonight?

I HeART Westin..
Cappucciono and chocolates for arrivederci..


#Elegant #Sophisticated and really #Beautiful..

There is a reason why it's called Palace..


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