Actually I do not understand the phenomenon (let alone thousand other issues) of unexpected enchantment. How often did I travel somewhere or met someone and had expectations of how it might be going. And it certainly never did. 

However, if you do not expect absolutely nothing, there is where things change dramatically. An usual trip might be one of the best you had in a long time. 

This is exactly what happened two weeks ago. With my new team, we went to Chiavenna in Italy. Nice idea, but nothing sepcial- I thought. OMG, how wrong I was. Big error..;)  Besides a lot of great moments we had as a great wine tasting, fabulous Italian lunch, we visited a Palazzo built in the second half of the XVI-century by the brothers Guglielmo and Luigi Vertemate Franchi, representatives of one of the richest Italian families. I came, I saw and I felt in love immediately. 

What an elegant, breathtaking and terrific place! I wish I could move in there immediately. The spirit of greatness, attention to detail, amazing opulence left me speechless. 

There it was. The real Italian touch, the authentic MADE IN ITALY lifestyle and quality. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, quality not quantity.  

Plus, expect nothing and keep your heart open, there is where magic happens..

Palazzo Vertemate Franchi

Via del Palazzo Vertemate, 35
23020 Piuro

Definitely better pics on the website ;)


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